Low Voltage Soft Starters: RVS-DX/M


Ratings: 8 - 1100A, 220-600V (690V above 390A)
The RVS-DX/M is an advanced Digital Low Voltage Soft starter that is highly reliable
and provides a built-in bypass for the entire range.

Advanced Digital Control with a Built-in Bypass

The RVS-DX/M is an advanced digital, highly reliable Soft Starter, providing advanced methods of reducing current and torque during motor starting. The RVS-DX/M starts the motor by supplying a slowly increasing voltage, providing a soft start and a smooth acceleration, while drawing the minimum current necessary to start the motor. The RVS-DX/M is equipped with a digitally controlled internal bypass. The bypass closes at the end of the starting process in order to save power.

Advanced Features

  • Range 8-1100A, 220-600V (690V above 390A)
  • Internal bypass for the entire range
  • Pump control
  • Large ,clear, two line, multiple languages digital display
  • Advance starting & stopping characteristics
  • Comprehensive motor protection package
  • Communication: Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet
  • Frequency auto tracking 45-65Hz
  • User friendly set up and operation
  • Line or Inside delta connection
  • Analog output
  • Reduced inrush current and mechanical shock
  • Soft, smooth stepless acceleration and deceleration
  • Current Limit
  • Pump Control
  • Torque and Current Control
  • Unique features: Pulse Start, Dual Adjustment, Slow Speed with Electronic Reversing, etc.

Typical Applications

  • Pumps (Water utilities, Industry)
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors & monorails
  • Mixers & Agitators
  • Fans & Centrifuges
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Starting from weak power sources
  • Protection
  • Control
  • Construction
RVS-DX/M Application
RVS-DX/M Applications
  • Too many starts & start inhibit
  • Long start time (Stall protection)
  • Electronic shear-pin (Jam) with adjustable curves and delay
  • Electronic overload with selectable curves
  • Under current
  • Phase loss
  • Phase sequence and Under/Over frequency
  • Under/Over and No voltage
  • Load loss (motor not connected)
  • External fault
  • Shorted SCR
  • Starter over temperature protection
  • Motor insulation test (future option)
  • Motor thermistor (option)
  • Built-in Bypass, while all protective functions remain active


  • LCD - Two lines of 16 characters each
  • Multilingual - English, German, French & Spanish
  • Four LEDs - On, Run, Ramp Up/Down & Fault
  • Statistical Data - Start, Stop & Fault parameters
  • Full script parameter settings


  • Opto-Isolated Inputs & outputs, two output relays
  • Local and remote reset
  • Optional Communication RS 485 with MODBUS RTU, Profibus or DeviceNet protocols options
  • Easily operated - via keypad, allowing precise settings, LED and interactive LCD (4 languages), Statistical data.
  • Hardware and software allows starting from diesel-generator


  • Normal duty rated design (ambient 40°C).
  • Compact, light weight, aluminum, small foot-print and book type design.