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Solcon Industries Announces the Appointment of a
New CEO, Mr. Gil Briman

Gil Briman, CEO
Gil Briman, CEO Solcon Group

Join us in welcoming Gil Briman, CEO of Solcon Group. Mr. Briman’s previous positions include Vice President of Mellanox Technologies, Asia Pacific region, and Vice President of Amdocs, Head of SI Services. Mr. Briman’s vast experience in software and hardware solutions, as well as his in depth knowledge of deploying systems specific to international and regional requirements, adds a new dimension to Solcon’s expertise in the motor control industry.

“As the international market changes, Solcon continues to lead the evolution with new products that build upon our hard-earned reputation as the leading, yet reliable manufacturer of industrial controls,” states Mr. Briman, “I look forward to working with you and sharing our new solutions that are engineered for your industry-specific requirements.”