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Technical Support: HRVS-DN controlled by PROFIBUS communication for the Water Industry – Desalination Plant

The HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter can be used to start a single motor or to control the start of several motors in sequence. Using the Multi-Start feature saves space and reduces construction and installation costs provided the soft starter is selected correctly.

In a recent successful installation by Mekorot Development & Enterprise, using three of Solcon Industries HRVS-DN 250A 11000V Soft Starters, with activated and controlled by PROFIBUS Communication, were installed for high pressure pumps at a desalination plant in Cyprus, which received the desalination plant license for 25 years.

Additionally, 23 advanced Solcon motor protection and control relays for electrical motors, models MPS3000, MPS6 and TPR6, were installed in the Low Voltage network. The plants HMI system used MODBUS Communication to monitor these relays.

Solcon worked closely with the local integrator and the facilities' engineers to design a system that would leverage the existing infrastructure, the factory's future needs and complement the integrator's electrical equipment.

The durability and reliability of Solcon's Soft Starters provided a complete, simple, and cost effective motor starting and protection solution.