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Starting 40 High Power Rated Motors in Marine Applications


Product: RVS-DN

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) are specially designed to supply goods and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms. Taking on such an important role, these vessels must be fully functional, at all times, thus reliability cannot be compromised.

Recently, Solcon delivered 40 Mega Low Voltage Soft Starters for 12 PSV's and 8 PCS (Port State Control) vessels. The RVS-DN Soft-Starters, 1800A, 480V were installed to start the vessel's bow thruster motors, rated at 1000kW.

"One of the biggest challenges in Marine Electrical applications is to start high power rated, Low and Medium Voltage motors at reduced starting currents. As Soft Starter Specialists, we perform starting simulations, and forecast with high accuracy, the minimum starting current that can be achieved with Solcon Soft Starters. In this project, we were able to start the bow thruster's motor at a current of under 2.5In, therefore enabling the use of a smaller generator set" said Izzi Eicher, VP Sales at Solcon.

Solcon is a world leader in manufacturing high rated Medium and Low Voltage Soft Starters.