Solcon Global Partner Spotlight: Makrodim in Mexico

Solcon Global Partner, Makrodim is a family owned engineering firm located in Monterrey, México and has been Solcon´s Partner for over 20 years. Established in 1995, Makrodim has the engineering expertise and experience to provide the best solutions for their customers. Makrodim provides reliable Solcon Soft Starters and Motor Protection products, service and training across Mexico.

Makrodim's team includes a variety of professional, continuously trained, engineers and technicians. Makrodim has been able to highly position Solcon products in the Mexican market, both in public and private sectors. Makrodim provides the best quality service and product to the many customers who rely on them to help protect their equipment.

"Ricardo and his team always deliver excellence in application engineering, service and support," said Gil Briman, Solcon Industries CEO. "Makrodim exceeds the standards across the board and we look forward to the next 20 years of partnership."

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Makrodim's Projects Include:

Rio Colorado-Tijuana Aqueduct

One of the most important projects for water supply in the Northern side of Mexico.
HRVS-DN Units for 3000hp at 4.16 kV  and  Multi-motor HRVS-DN 8000hp at 4.16kv

PEMEX: Southern Region in México

Makrodim has built and installed many Low and Medium Voltage Units Voltage Soft Starters from 480V and up to 13.800V inside different Oil Compounds.

Makrodim also provides Retrofit Solutions for existing enclosures.