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May 2015 Newsletter

Electric Hybrid and Marine World Expo

Visit Us at Electric Hybrid and Marine World Expo
June 23-25, 2015
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Solcon will be exhibiting at the upcoming Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo.

Visit us and attend Mr. Yuval Paz's presentation,
"Soft starters – More Than Just Limiting Current and Torque" on June 23, 2015.

Contact us for more information.

HRVS-DN Starting Water Pumps - Sardar Sarovar Dam, India
Water Pumps Sardar Saraovar Dam India

Solon's Medium Voltage HRVS-DN soft starter was selected to start reservoir water pumps as part of the Sardar Sarovar Dam project in Gujerat India (1210m length and 163m maximum height). The dam is the second largest in the world in terms of concrete volume (6.82 million m3) and third in the world in spillway discharge capacity (85,000 cumecs). The dam will irrigate 17,920 km2 of land spread over 12 districts (75% of which is drought-prone areas) in Gujarat and 730 km2 in the arid areas of Barmer and Jalore districts of Rajasthan.

As phase I of this tremendous project, 4 units of HRVS-DN (11kV, 140A) were supplied to Jyoti in 2012 and were recently commissioned by EMCO KIMO Solcon's partner in India. The units start the water pumps (rating 2.2MW) that fill the main irrigation canals from the reservoir. The current limit at the station is 320% and each start cycle runs between 20-25 seconds.

Solcon Industries has vast experience with Soft-start and Soft-stop for water applications around the world. The HRVS-DN features Pump Control that offers three (3) Voltage Ramp-down Curves as well as a Torque Curve allowing full customization of the pumps starting and stopping configuration based on the specific pump requirements. Using Pump Control prevents stall conditions and eliminates Water Hammer which can damage the pump as well as the pipe system.

Over the coming years Solcon is expected to supply at least 10 more HRVS-DN units as part of this project.

Solcon HRVS-DN Water Pumps

HRVS-DN in Explosion-Proof Cabinets at the MIR Diamond Mine, Russia
MIR Diamond Mine

OJSC ALROSA, a worldwide leader in diamond mining, approved Solcon's HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter to be commissioned in the MIR underground mine.

Water pumps 210 meters below the surface of the mine required a starting solution that could overcome the voltage drop and the risk of Water Hammer. In addition, the entire starting system had to adhere to both Russian Mining criteria* and Alrosa's standards.

The HRVS-DN, Solcon's Medium Voltage Soft Starter, was selected for this project. Five custom made units (6kV, 140A) were installed in explosion proof cabinets according to the electrical and mechanical requirements of the mine. Solcon's Partner in Russia TK BIC Ltd designed and commissioned the project based on the space limitations and the data from the pumps' motors. Each HRVS-DN unit was pre-configured using an algorithm running on an explosion proof Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via integrated HMI console.

Solcon has been producing soft starters for over 30 years and has gained a great deal of experience with water and mining applications worldwide. Solcon's HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter offers a tailor made design manufactured according to international standards and specific customer requirements. It provides superior control of current and voltage during motor start and stop as well as a comprehensive motor protection package. Pump Control, specific feature designed for pumping applications, enables selection between three voltage ramp-down curves or a torque curve preventing stall conditions and eliminating Water Hammer damage.

MIR Diamond Mine Russia MIR Diamond Mine Russia

*Certified EAC according to Technical Regulation of Custom Union (TP TC 012/2011) ; Explosion protection marking acc. to GOST IEC 60079-1-2011 - PB Exd ib [ia Ma] I Mb

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