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DriveStart Medium Voltage Soft Starter Multi-Start For Gas Compressors

Product: DriveStart
Motor Ratings: up to 6.6KV, 5MW
Category: Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Solcon Global Partner: 


Solcon Industries completed the successful installation and commissioning of the first 6.3kV multi-start DriveStart system at PGNiG, a gas production facility located in Poland. The system starts and controls two 1500HP compressors which help compress nitrogen gas from 1 atmosphere to 17 bars. The complete solution includes incoming, outgoing, PFC cabinets, and the DriveStart.

Dr. Yoram Waltuch and Solcon’s engineering team designed, installed and commissioned the multi-start solution for this application because it required high torque motor soft starting at low currents that yield 100% efficiency for the customer.

Solcon’s DriveStart is the first IGBT-based Medium Voltage Soft Starter that is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque (heavy loads). The DriveStart prevents motor overheating as well as mechanical wear and tear. The DriveStart excels at saving space and energy usage while meeting top performance requirements. The DriveStart integrated bypass contactor is immediately synchronized and closed after the initial starting process is complete. The integrated Data Logger monitors and records many internal signals used for remote diagnosis and performance analysis.

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