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HRVS-DN Controls Air Compressors

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings: 2000kW, 4000kW and 4500kW 
Messer Vietnam Industrial Gas Ltd
Hai Duong Province, Vietnam 

Messer Vietnam Industrial Gas Ltd., in Hai Duong province Vietnam, selected Solcon as their supplier of choice to start three air compressors rated 2000kW, 4000kW and 4500kW). The Solcon HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters (6.6kV 300A, 500A and 600A) were chosen in order to reduce high inrush current on starting, as well as to reduce the voltage drop while the motors come up to speed.

The three HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters were commissioned successfully to the full satisfaction of the customer by Hai Anh JSC – Solcon's partner in Vietnam. The starting current is now substantially lower than Direct on Line starting current and starting time is less than 10 sec. In addition, the voltage drop when starting the compressor is impressive at less than 5%, a very important factor given the weak electrical network available.

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