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HRVS-DN Runs Pumps and Transformers

Product: HRVS-DN & HRVS-TX
Category: Medium Voltage Soft Starters


  • The project budget is limited.
  • The soft starter cabinet space is limited.
  • This is the first time for soft starter system, therefore no reference
  • Requirement was 2 sets of soft starter systems that could drive 3 pumps(10.5kV, 1600kW) and 2 transformers(10.5/35kV, 10000kVA)


We choose the module as HRVS-DN 250A 10500V-230VAC-SUSA & HRVS-TX 600A 10500V-230VAC for this application.We provided 2 cabinets (W × H × D: (1400+1200) ×2300 ×1800), we were able to use one set of EPT, TSR-6, and additional apparatus making it compact and easy to manage.


*The soft starter system works well on the offshore platform site, the end user was happy with the outcome.

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