HRVS-DN for Driving Crude Oil Pumps

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings: 2300-3300V, 160A
Category: Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Off the coast of The Netherlands, in the cold water of the North Sea Solcon is helping to pump crude oil via nine Medium Voltage pumps. Six of these are equipped with HRVS-DN mini height soft starters. The design goal was to save the overworked pumps from excessive torque surges. The ideal solution for these sea bed pumps located 900 meters below sea level was Solcon HRVS-DN soft starters. The first was installed and operated in 1997 and the final one was installed in 2005.

Solcon soft starters eliminated the high mechanical torque surge and prevented damage to the motor shaft. This unique application required a special design to fit into a 1.5 meter high space - and was done at the client request with the last one being shipped within an amazing delivery time of only 5 days!

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