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Advanced Digital Soft Starter

Advanced Digital Soft Starter

17 - 1100A, 208 - 690V


The iStart is Solcon’s most advanced soft starter, with built-in bypass and 2 or 3-phase control. It incorporates enhanced soft-start and soft-stop characteristics, to provide the best solution for a wide range of applications.

The comprehensive motor protection package guarantees long term reliability while the built-in bypass ensures excellent performance, all in a small versatile design.


Easy to Commission & Simple to Operate 

  • Acceleration control
  • Current limit start
  • 6 adjustable curves for pumps, generators, standard and torque controlled applications
  • Soft stop
  • Kick start
  • Restart delay (3 sec)

The Comprehensive Protection Package Includes:

  • Under voltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Sheer-pin current
  • Under current
  • Overload classes (IEC, NEMA)
  • Current imbalance
  • Ground fault
  • Excessive number of starts
  • Excessive starting time
  • Soft starter over temperature
  • Programmable external fault
  • Phase loss
  • Inside delta wrong connection alarm




  • Universal Interchangeable Control Module
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Real-time, online, 99 event and trip log (including currents, voltages)
  • Optimized for high efficiency motors (IE3)
  • 2-phase mode for on-site phase fault operation
  • Basic, professional and expert set-up menus
  • User defined metering and monitoring of 3-phase voltages, 3-phase currents and power factor
  • USB interface for setup and software updates
  • Option cards include Analogue Output Including Thermistor, three Thermal Sensors, Motor Insulation Monitor
  • Auto reset for selected faults
  • 3 Thermistor inputs
  • Frequency auto tracking 45-65 Hz
  • Inline and inside delta connection
  • 3 Current transformers
  • Economical 2-phase Control units available



  • 2-phase control
  • Remote Key-pad
  • Analog output
  • 3xRTD thermal sensor
  • Conformal coating
  • Connex - Data Logger

 * Contact us for more options and details.

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