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Motor Protection & Control Relay


Motor Protection and Control Relay


The MPS-3000 provides a comprehensive motor protection and control package. It is a new generation of microprocessor-based relay / controller designed to operate with a three-phase induction motors. Monitoring 3-phase currents and voltage together with 10 RTD/Thermistor temperature inputs it provides an ideal solution for Medium Voltage Motors.

True RMS voltages and currents are measured at a sampling rate of 0.5 ms, enables the MPS3000 to be used with electronic motor drives like soft starters.

Protection Features

AC motors are very rugged and reliable when operating within product specification limits. They are usually designed to operate close to their rated limits with minimal margins for operating under abnormal conditions. A comprehensive protection device is required to accurately create a Thermal Modelling in order to allow the motor run safely up to its limits.

This relay protects the motor from abnormal conditions in the mains voltage, motor and cabling faults as well as operator malfunctions.

The MPS3000 monitors three-phase voltages, three-phase + ground fault currents, temperature inputs from up to 10 sensors, four analogue inputs and four programmable Discrete (Optically isolated logical) inputs.


The MPS3000 Incorporates Two Main Features:

  1. Motor protection.
  2. Supervision and communication.


The MPS-3000 Advantages: 

  • Monitors 10 temperature inputs
  • Monitors 3-phase current voltage
  • Power Measurement
  • Certified Protection for ANSI/IEE C37.2
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter programming,
    control and supervision


The MPS-3000 is also available as a motor controller

The MPS3000-C incorporates additional 16 discrete digital inputs as well as incorporating four programmable analogue outputs and four programmable output change-over relays.

 One or more relays can be configured as Trip and / or Alarm.

 All Inputs & Outputs are Combined to Provide the Most Comprehensive Protection Package.

  • Voltage base protections
  • Current base protections
  • Voltage/Current based protections
  • Temperature based protection
  •  General based protection
  • Analog Inputs based protection
  • Two levels for most faults

Protection levels and time delay settings are individually configured using the keypad on the front panel or through communication.

Unique Tripping / Alarm options make it possible to program any fault as an Alarm, Trip, both or none. This unique facility also enables controlled fault and to reset possibilities an authorized key extends the reset possibilities. A unique calculated TIME TO TRIP feature allows the operator or host computer to take corrective actions before tripping.


 MPS-3000C Advantages:

  • Includes the same functionality as the standard MPS-3000
  • Incorporate Motor Control capabilities
  • Includes various starting methods including Direct Online, Star Delta, Soft Starters, Reversing and Two Speed
  • Includes 20 dry optically isolated logic inputs


  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

 Thermal Sensor:

  • 10 RTD Platinum
  • 10 RTD Copper
  • 4 Thermistors+6 RTD (Pt100)
  • 4 Thermistors+6 RTD (Copper)

Control Voltage:

  • 110-230VAC
  • 110-230V AC/DC w/ separate AUX
  • 19-60VDC
  • Monitoring 10 temperature inputs, 3-phase current,
    voltage and energy
  • Power measurement (3-phase voltage measurement)
  • Statistical data of last 10 trips with time and
    date stamp
  • RTD bias for thermal overload
  • Multiple Thermal Overload curves
  • Too Many Starts pre-alarm, configurable to energize
    dedicated output relay
  • Capture and display of min and max RMS, average of
    3-phase current, one voltage, min and max frequency
  • Ground Fault setting during start eliminates
    nuisance trips
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter
    programming, control and supervision.
  • Programmable discrete inputs/output
  • 4 programmable analog outputs


  • Trip on disconnected RTD
  • Modbus
  • Profibus
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