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Motor Protection System

Motor Protection System

The MPS-6 is a Motor Protection System that offers protection, control and supervision for Low Voltage high power motors and is also suitable for motors operating in a Motor Control Center (MCC).

The MPS-6 Advantage: 

  • Advance motor protection and control relay
  • Protects, controls and supervises 

The MPS-6 is designed to protect single motors or motors operating via Motor Control Centers (MCC)

  • Monitoring 3-phase currents, 1-phase voltage and 3 temperature inputs
  • Comprehensive protection and control package
  • Power measurement (single phase voltage measurement)
  • Energy (KWH) display and energy pulse output
  • Programmable analogue output
  • Real time clock
  • Statistical data of last 10 trips, with time and date stamp
  • RTD Bias (for Thermal Overload)
  • Unbalance (Negative and Positive Sequence)
  • Unbalance minimum time 1-30 seconds, preventing fast response
  • Multiple Thermal Overload curves
  • Unbalance Bias (for Thermal Overload)
  • Unique built in software, allowing the learning of current and temperature fault simulation
  • Too Many Starts Pre Alarm, configurable to energize dedicated output relay
  • I>>0 Energizes output relay B upon Trip (upstream breaker trip)
  • Every fault group can be configured to energize output relays A, B & C
  • No Start Process - starting method, allowing switching to run, if I>= 10%
  • Capture and display of minimum and maximum RMS average of three phase current, one voltage, minimum and maximum frequency
  • G/F During Start setting, new feature to eliminating nuisance ground fault tripping with residual CT
  • Emergency Restart function
  • Restart (after mains or control voltage failure)
  • Separate Aux Power Supply and Control Voltage
  • MODBUS group of 20 user selected actual data parameters for fast scanning
  • MODBUS communication (up to 19200 bps) - Remote parameter programming, control & supervision
  • 6 programmable discrete inputs
  • 6 programmable output relays
  • Large and lit LCD display
  • Dual control input AC or DC (same unit for 85V to 230V)
  • Small din standard dimensions (fits into MCC drawer)
  • Cost effective control solution
  • Easy installation & operation


  • Modbus
  • Profibus

 * Contact us for more options and details.

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