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Medium Voltage Soft Starters for the Driving Blowers in a Fertilizer Plant

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings: 6600V, 250A
Category: Medium Voltage Soft Starters

When Incitec Pivot expanded their Queensland plant, they contacted Uniserve for a recommended solution for starting their major blower fan. The motor inrush current had to be limited because the factory could not sustain the voltage drop caused by the high inrush when starting direct on line.

A Solcon HRVS-DN soft starter with its adjustable starting curves eliminated the high inrush current that was disrupting the power grid. It also eliminated the high starting torque that could have caused damage to the motor/blower shaft. By eliminating this wear and tear on the system, Solcon was able to increase the life expectancy of the entire system. The built in intelligent motor protection package provides enhanced supervision for both the motor and soft starter, further improving the life expectancy of the system.

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