Motor Protection and Control Relay

The MPS-3000 provides a comprehensive motor protection and control package. Monitoring 3-phase currents and voltage together with 10 RTD/Thermistor temperature inputs it provides an ideal solution for Medium Voltage Motors.

The MPS-3000 Advantage: 

  • Monitors 10 temperature inputs
  • Monitors 3-phase current voltage
  • Power Measurement
  • Certified Protection for ANSI/IEE C37.2
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter programming,
    control and supervision

The MPS-3000 is also available as a motor controller

The MPS-3000C Advantage:

  • Includes the same functionality as the standard MPS-3000
  • Incorporate Motor Control capabilities
  • Includes various starting methods including Direct Online, Star Delta, Soft Starters, Reversing and Two Speed
  • Includes 20 dry optically isolated logic inputs


  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

 Thermal Sensor:

  • 10 RTD Platinum
  • 10 RTD Copper
  • 4 Thermistors+6 RTD (Pt100)
  • 4 Thermistors+6 RTD (Copper)

Control Voltage:

  • 110-230VAC
  • 110-230V AC/DC w/ separate AUX
  • 19-60VDC
  • Monitoring 10 temperature inputs, 3-phase current,
    voltage and energy
  • Power measurement (3-phase voltage measurement)
  • Statistical data of last 10 trips with time and
    date stamp
  • RTD bias for thermal overload
  • Multiple Thermal Overload curves
  • Too Many Starts pre-alarm, configurable to energize
    dedicated output relay
  • Capture and display of min and max RMS, average of
    3-phase current, one voltage, min and max frequency
  • Ground Fault setting during start eliminates
    nuisance trips
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter
    programming, control and supervision.
  • Programmable discrete inputs/output
  • 4 programmable analog outputs


  • Trip on disconnected RTD
  • Modbus
  • Profibus
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