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When Time is Money

In an industry where time is money and the cost of down time can reach more than one million dollars an hour, reliability is essential. 

That is where Solcon comes in. Solcon has been providing Soft Starting solutions to the Oil & Gas industry since 1977, earning their impeccable reputation for providing the world's largest oil rigs, vessels, and oil & gas pumping stations, with their highest quality uniquely designed Soft Starters for pumps and compressors. As an option, these Soft Starters may be suited for working in severe (-40°() environments.

 Solcon is the world's largest supplier of Soft Starters for compressors to FPSO's and all their marine products are certified. Solcon's extensive reference list includes Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Gazprom, Enbridge, Talisman and many more.

Solcon provides :Soft Starters, Thyristor Power Controllers and Protection Relays, separately, or as customized "Turn Key" projects, tailored to meet the customers every need.

 Solcon is Recommended For:

  •  Gas Compressors
  •  Reciprocating Compressors
  •  Axial Compressors (1-50 MW)
  •  Pumps
  •  Pipe line heating
  •  Injection pumps
  •  Fire fighting pumps


Typical Applications:

 Virtually every motor, low or medium voltage, asynchronous, synchronous or slip-ring may be soft-started and protected by Solcons' advanced products. Special Soft Starters, Power controllers, Transformer Starters as well as insulation protection and temperature protection, Solcon provides a solution with one of its outstanding products.


Using Solcon soft-starters provides:

  • A complete product line 8-3000A, 208- lS000V from a single supplier
  • Soft-Starting systems for Asynchronous, Synchronous and Slip-ring motors
  • A variety of choices for severe, heavy and standard duty applications
  • A Robust construction, pre-designed for harsh environments
  • Unique RVS-EX unit for starting EX Motors
  • Superior starting & stopping characteristics for low and medium voltage motors
  • Comprehensive, built-in motor protection package


Unique Optional Features:

  • Motor insulation protection
  •  Analog output and thermistor input
  •  Special treatment for harsh environments
  •  Unique Soft Starter designs for EX zone
  •  Communications - Modbus, Profibus and Device net ( others upon request)


 Product Lines for Oil & Gas Applications: 

  • Up to 630KW Low Voltage for Ex Motors -special design Soft Starter - RVS-EX
  • Up to 3MW Low Voltage up to 1200V Soft Starters - RVS-DN
  • Up to S0MW Medium Voltage - special design Soft Starters - HRVS-DN
  • Up to 3MW Low Voltage 1000V Power Controllers - TPS



SOLCON markets

Solcon provides Soft Starters, Protection Relays and Thyristor Power Controllers to almost every working industry, in more than 76 countries around the world.
Solcon designs and manufactures resilient equipment for Low and Medium voltage motors, up to 50 MW. Solcon’s distinct advantage includes eliminating network voltage sags and equipment mechanical shocks in some of the world’s most demanding applications. Industry experts choose Solcon’s advanced solutions for their broad range of products, long term reliability, and robust design which ensures long-lasting performance in severe starting conditions and harsh environments.

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