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ProGear Switchgear Cabinet

ProGear is an IEC Standard Metal enclosed switchgear range, offering numerous designs as standard modular design blocks.

Designed and Built according to IEC standards, Progear can be tailored according to Customer requirements. Cabinets can be fitted with a soft starter, protection apparatuses and control products in addition to our newly developed Connex, a holistic solution for diagnostics and maintenance of the complete system.

IEC 62271-200 Type Tested & Certified

The mandatory testing and certification of electric parts and switchgear cabinets is designed to protect human life and nearby equipment.

  • Shock & Vibration Proof
  • IP54 Dust & Damp Resistant
  • Seismic Certified Sturdiness
  • Internal Arc Protection

Modular Design

Depending on the size of the electric room and the requirements of the motors, Solcon’s design can be built with as many panels as needed.

Separated Internal Compartments

For maximum isolation, allows for optimal control and protection in addition to the installation of both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage apparatus types.

Safety Locks

The doors are built with locks and handles that are designed to prevent accidental opening

Hinged Door Panels

Ideal for accessing wires and apparatus for easy servicing

Complete Flexible Design

For choice of switchgear apparatus

Solcon’s Progear is compatible with all switchgear apparatus suppliers


ProGear Solcon Inside

Options for equipment that can be installed inside a Progear Type Tested Switchgear include Solcon Industry’s range of Medium Voltage motor protection and motor control products:

  • HRVSDN - Medium Voltage Soft Starter
  • MV-TPS - Thyristor Power Controller
  • MPS-3000 - Protection & Control Relay
  • MIP-6 - Motor Insulation Protection Relay
  • Connex - Industry 4.0 Solution
  • SVC - Solcon Vacuum Contactor
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