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DC Injection Brake


DC Injection Brake

Solid State Motor Brake

10 - 820A, 208 - 690V

Solcons’ Solbrake DC injection brake uses direct current (DC) to brake AC motors. The current is applied to the running motor as soon as the voltage is switched off.

This proves to be extremely effective and efficient when it comes to braking AC motors such as in Machine tools, Circular saws, Stopping high inertia loads, Safety brakes and Large flywheel applications.

Adjusting the Braking Torque

A very quick and smooth braking can be acheived even when running a motor at a high speed and with high loads. Whenever the AC voltage current is cut off, the motor will be able to reach a standstill safely because there is no induced field to keep the motor rotating.

The Solbrake - Solid State Motor Brakes are integrated into the motors’ control circuitry and provide fast, smooth, frictionless braking of standard three-phase squirrel-cage motors by injecting controlled DC current to the motor windings after the mains line contactor has opened. This induces a stationary magnetic field, which exerts a braking torque on the rotor.

  • Stopping time can be similar to the time it takes to reach full speed on a Direct-On-Line starting. 
  •  Perfect matching of the brake to the driven load is enabled by adjusting braking torque and braking time.
  • Automatic sensing System turns the brake off automatically when the motor comes to a full stop. This minimizes the motor heating.
  • In addition, the wear and tear of mechanical parts is reduced significantly due to the softer and smoother stop that the Solbrake delivers.

Solbrake Instruction Manual-01_20210105135340.318.png

 The Solbrake Advantages: 

  • Reduces stopping time - Increases production rate in machine tools and high inertia loads
  • Increases safety protection on hazardous machines
  • Soft, smooth stopping, preventing wear and tear of mechanical parts
  • Adjustable braking torque, matching load size and required stop time
  • Auto stop, reducing motor heating
  • Maintenance free, highly reliable operation
  • Easy installation


Typical Applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Circular saws
  • Stopping high inertia loads
  • Safety brakes
  • Large flywheel applications
  • Range 8-820A, 208-690V
  • Reduces stopping time of high inertia loads
  • Adjustable braking time
  • Auto stop - DC Injection stops when the motor stops
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Easy to install and simple to operate


  • Conformal coating
  • 30 sec braking time
  • Standard

 * Contact us for more options and details.

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