Solcon Data Logger

24 - Channel Data Logger Software for HRVS-DN

The Data Logger is a multi channel signal acquisition and recording system

  • Capable of recording up to 24 channels simultaneously
  • Internal flash memory for long time recordings up to 8 million samples.
  • 16 bit resolution,
  • 5 KHz signal Bandwidth
  • Programmable sample intervals (52uS to 1 hour)
  • CPlot – an advanced PC software for download and analysis of the sampled data.
  • Connection to PC via full speed USB or RS232 channels



Ways to initiate recording

  • Auto start, each start process is recorded
  • Manually initiated by User via cPlot SW
  • When Trigger conditioned is filled (via cPlot)

Signals that are sampled :

  • Current x 3
  • Voltage x 3


Additional data may be calculated and stored

  • RMS (voltage & Current) x3
  • Phase difference (power factor) x3
  • Spectrum analysis
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