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Temperature Protection Relay


Temperature Protection Relay

The TPR-6 Temperature Protection Relay is designed to protect electric motors, transformers and other systems from overheating. The TPR-6 has up to 14 temperature inputs that can be programmed to measure thermistors (PTC or NTC) and RTDs (Pt100).

 Protection Features: 

  • RTD / Thermistor with two levels for each input 
  • Thermistor PTC / NTC selection 
  • Over temperature Alarm and Trip to each input 
  • Continuous analog output signal 
  • External fault 1 and 2

Exact input can be assigned to any of the following items:


  • Alarm only - Relay A 
  • Trip only - Relay B 
  • Fan (Trip, Alarm)- Relay C
  • Trip/Alarm- Relay D
  • Enabling Auto Reset 
  • Advanced microprocessor based circuitry
  • Display of operating RTD or Thermistor Data, Fault and Statistics
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • RS-485 communication with MODBUS protocol
  • Easy installation and friendly operation
  • Two level protection for Alarm and Trip
  • Selection between Trip and Trip fail-safe
  • Analog output related to any input or input combinations
  • RTD / Thermistor selection - RTDs 100 ohm Platinum (PT100) - Thermistor - PTC or NTC
  • Disconnected sensor protection


Temperature Inputs: 

  • 6 Temperature Inputs
  • 14 Temperature Inputs

Control Voltage:

  • 100-230V AC/DC

Additional Options:

  • Conformal coating
  • Modbus
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