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The Solcon Data Logger (SDL) Expedites MV Commissioning with Real-Time Feedback and Analytical Systems Data


This article recently appeared in a partner publication. This article is copyrighted by Solcon Industries. For re-print authorization, please contact us.

Commissioning Medium Voltage Soft Starters and systems can be a time-consuming process involving large and cumbersome test equipment that has to be transported to the site. In order to alleviate the time, stress and expense of commissioning, Solcon’s software engineers created the Solcon Data Logger (SDL) for Solcon’s Medium Voltage Soft Starter product line (HRVS-DN PowerStart and the DriveStart). The SDL is comprised of a multi-signal acquisition system based on a sampling rate of 52 micro seconds that includes analogue, digital data acquisition and external configurable inputs. A high definition configurable graphic display supplies a user friendly interface.

The SDL expedites the commissioning process by providing real-time feedback and spectrum analysis data of the motor, the system and power supply via a small hand-held device and a single fiber optic connection. The commissioning engineer and team can now watch as the system goes through each testing phase and diagnose “Live” starting profiles, identify any potential issues and make adjustments to the starting current profile in order to achieve optimum control.



All critical processes & components are monitored and the SDL provides real time high resolution data for line voltage, starting current, relay status, trip analysis and overall system operation. However the SDL isn’t just for new or future Solcon medium voltage systems.  While they were designing the SDL, Solcon’s engineers wanted to deploy the technology across all existing installations. Thus, the SDL is now available for all global customers who want the spectrum analysis without replacing an entire system or the medium voltage soft starter. Customers can replace their existing medium voltage controller with a simple to install retro-fit kit and enjoy all the advantages of the SDL on their equipment. 

This information is copyrighted by Solcon Industries. For authorization to use this article in your publication, contact us.

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