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Accessibility Statement

Vision & Mission


We aim to be at the forefront of innovation for better productivity and a safer working environment everywhere.


Global Providers of Innovative Starting Solutions.


Expertise: Solcon will serve as the expert in the field of motor control and continue to accumulate knowledge. Solcon’s engineers are committed to invest in enhancing their capabilities and knowledge.

First and Foremost Safety : Solcon is committed to design products according to the strict guidelines set by international standards aimed at keeping personnel safe, in addition to the safe working environment of Solcon employees both in the factory and on installation sites.

Business Integrity: Solcon undertakes to maintain a high level of ethics by way of transparency and fairness with employees, partners and customers alike.

A Customer-centric Approach:

Solcon’s experience has allowed for proactivity, so as to allow for innovation and newer products so as to ensure the ongoing development of our customers for the full satisfaction of its customers.

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