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Medium Voltage Transformer Inrush Current Limiter

Up to 100MVA, 36kV 

The HRVS-TX eliminates transformer inrush current
for all types of Medium
Voltage Transformers.

The HRVS-TX Protection Advantage: 

  • Sophisticated control ensures the elimination of the magnetizing inrush current
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping and dynamic shock to transformer windings
  • Can be supplied as IP31-54
  • Options include Line and Bypass Vacuum Contactors, optional Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Main and Control Protection Fuses and Transformer Protection Relays

Standard or Special Transformers:


  • Standard: Oil, Dry, Molded, etc.
  • Special: Multi-pole and phase shifting
  • Ratings: Maximum Ratings 30MVA, 15kV
  • Temperature: Operating -10° to 50°C; Storage -20° to 70°C
  • Electrical safety-Council Directive (EC)

Technical Specifications

  •     Integral Current Limiting Relay (TSR-6)
  •     Heavy duty design  
  •     Ambient operating temperature -10°C to 50°C 
  •     Reduced inrush current and dynamic shock
  •     Applicable models for any transformer
  •     Communication - RS485 Modbus
  •     Unique starting characteristics
  •     Fault indication to each individual fuse
  •     Partial Discharge (Korona) test for each transformer starter
  •     Wide 40-70Hz range for fluctuating frequency systems
  •     IP31-standard, Higher standard available
  •     User friendly, easy setup and operation
  •     Electronic Potential Transformer (optional)
  •     Extended protection package (optional)
  •     Transformer temperature protection relay (optional)


Categories: HRVS-TX, Inrush Current Limiter, Solcon Motor Controls

HRVS-TX Options:

M -    Modbus

HRVS-TX Product Selection Information:

Supply Voltage: 
2 -   110-230V

Control Input Voltage:
0 -    220V AC/DC
1 -    110VAC

Thermal Sensor:
3R -    3 RTD (Pt100)

M - Modbus


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