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DC Injection Brake

10 - 820A, 208 - 690V

The DC Injection brake provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking

The Solbrake Advantage: 

  • Reduces stopping time - Increases production rate in machine tools and high inertia loads
  • Increases safety protection on hazardous machines
  • Soft, smooth stopping, preventing wear and tear of mechanical parts
  • Adjustable braking torque, matching load size and required stop time
  • Auto stop, reducing motor heating
  • Maintenance free, highly reliable operation
  • Easy installation

Protect Your Employees and Applications

Typical Applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Circular saws
  • Stopping high inertia loads
  • Safety brakes
  • Large flywheel applications

Technical Specifications

  • Range 8-820A, 208-690V
  • Reduces stopping time of high inertia loads
  • Adjustable braking time
  • Auto stop - DC Injection stops when the motor stops
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Easy to install and simple to operate


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Solbrake Options:

Solbrake Options:
8 - Conformal coating
E - 30 sec braking time

Solbrake Product Selection Information

Mains Voltage: 
230V, 400V, 440V 480V,
600V, 690V

8 - Conformal coating
E - 30 sec braking time
0 - Standard

Solbrake DC Injection Brake Literature:

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