Medium Voltage Soft Starters from Solcon are available in ranges from 2.3 - 13.8kV, up to 48MW. Solcon's complete line of Medium Voltage Soft Starters are renowned for their superior design and systems protection and control.

HRVS-DN PowerStart
Digital, Heavy Duty, Medium Voltage Soft Starter

2.3 - 13.8kV, up to 48MW

The HRVS-DN’s sophisticated motor control technology ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration.

  • Configurable starting & stopping characteristics
  • Enhanced motor protection package
  • User friendly setup and operation
  • Multi-soft start and multi-soft stop
  • Unique synchronous motor starting module
  • Pump and load control
  • Advanced Electronic Current & Potential Transformer
  • Partial Discharge test according to EN50178/625.1
  • Direct Power Factor Capacitor connection
  • Unique Pump start/stop curves including special torque curve

The HRVS-DN PowerStart includes the MVCP and the ECPT for accurate control.

  • The Electronic Current & Potential Transformer (ECPT) provides complete isolation between the medium voltage and the low voltage compartments via a single fiber optic link 
  • The MVCP is an advanced medium voltage control panel that features an innovative design with new communication and control capabilities
  • The Solcon Data Logger analyzes and optimizes the performance of the HRVS-DN with the integrated data logger and waveform capture software

Advanced Features

  • 45-65Hz Auto-tracking frequency range
  • Easy to conduct Low Voltage test
  • EMC compliant design and tested
  • Communication options: Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, Anybus
  • Compact 2-phase control configuration (optional)
  • Event recorder logs 99 events and includes real-time clock
  • Data Logger - An integrated current and voltage wave recorder
    with a sampling rate of up to 50kHz and advanced graphic
    software interface for remote waveform monitoring (optional)
  • Multi-language interface

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Please contact us for ratings above 13.3kV

HRVS-DN PowerStart Ratings

Options Include:

2P -    2-phase control
3M -   Modbus
3P -     Profibus
3D -     DeviceNet
3A -     Anybus
4 -       Insulation test
5 -       Analog output
M -      Marine standard
MSS - Multi motor soft-start/stop
SDL -  Solcon Data Logger
U -      UL & CUL standard

For additional assistance with your selection, please contact us.

HRVS-DN PowerStart Selection Information

Control Voltage: 
115VAC, 230VAC, 125VDC, 220VDC

Control Input Voltage: 
115VAC, 230VAC, 110VDC, 125VDC, 220VDC

2P - 2-phase control
3M - Modbus
3P - Profibus
3D - DeviceNet
3A - Anybus
4 - Insulation test
5 - Analog output
M - Marine standard
MSS - Multi motor soft-start/stop
SDL - Solcon Data Logger
U - UL & CUL standard

For additional information on the HRVS-DN PowerStart, please contact us

HRVS-DN PowerStart Literature

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